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It isn’t necessary, and it’s not what the readers signed up for (just look at the Jorge Joestar spinoff novel to see how that level of escalation turns the story into a dumpster fire). Yes, Dio and.

The most famous thing he’s done is probably JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Jorge Joestar, a JJBA spinoff novel infamous for its sheer lunacy, even by that series’ bombastic standards. He seems to like.

The Jorge Joestar Light Novel In a Nutshell | Part 1All 50 Free Comic Book Day 2015 Titles, Now With Pictures And Text – Larry Marder and Jorge Aguirre, with art by Watson, Sonny Liew, O’Connor, Parent, Marder, and Rafael Rosado. Aspen’s flagship universes grow larger with two original series debuting exclusively in.

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