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My windows is not starting up. A few lines of text appeared, then the screen just went black. I tried F5 after i see the text. I chose safe mode. i get lines of things.

then, it just stop/jammed.

After growing tired of using Windows Vista, I started looking around and asking friends what I should do. One suggested trying Windows XP Black Edition, a hacked version of XP, and another suggested.

Realtek Sound Card not Recognized after installing Windows Black Edition. – Ok seeing as there isn’t really a sound card section in the hardware board, and considering I know Windows XP Black Edition is what caused it I’m posting here. Ok So I reformatted using the Windows XP.

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A while back I tried to install Windows XP Black Edition on my computer.

It goes to the message "Please select the operating system to start" and if your not quick enough it will go through the.

Windows XP Black Edition - Overview & Demonstration2nd XP install wont boot up – Hi. I have 2 identical WD320 SATA drives. Drive C: which has Windows XP Pro installed, and drive D: which has XP pro installed. Drive C: is reserved for General PC use and Drive D: is for exclusive.

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