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The imaginary clothes may seem like perfect solutions to the biggest problems of their industry. Unfortunately, wishful thinking is not reality. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the emperor has.

“That reality suggests that Indian growth is in barely positive territory, while the IMF-World Bank forecasters appear too timid to tell the emperor he has no clothes—not to mention cars, toothpaste,

They’re just pulling stuff off the shelf," says Douglas Bowman, the Middleton, Md. lawyer whom Stevens eventually hired.

"As long as nobody points out that the emperor has no clothes, they’re good.

Hoyer: Trump committed ‘treason’ in Helsinki – “The emperor has no clothes, no ethics, no integrity, no common sense.” ADVERTISEMENT With his comments, Hoyer became the highest-ranking Democratic lawmaker to call Trump’s behavior "treasonous." But.

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The Democratic machine is rolling over Marylanders as if we didn’t exist. The emperor has no clothes and none of us can see his nakedness. Who is running the Democratic machine in Maryland? Gov.

To my mind most modern art encapsulates the fable of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Let me introduce another Robert.

He did not mean it as a compliment but at least Mr Catellan’s banana has done that.

We need a national “bar mitzvah” ceremony that seriously stops and takes stock of how well it has used children’s time.

and on and on. The emperor wears no clothes—more charters, teachers paid for.

None of this takes anything away from Wolff’s achievement in "Fire and Fury." On the contrary, he deserves our thanks for creating Trump’s "emperor has no clothes" moment, even if this point should.