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This book explores the fall of Jerusalem and restores to its rightful place one of the key explanatory tropes of early modern English culture. Showing the importance of Jerusalem’s destruction in.

Dubbed "Sivyl", its name is a neologism of Civil Law and the Sibylline Oracles which were divine revelations uttered by Greek prophetesses. “Sivyl aims to produce comprehensive and persuasive insight.

The Sibylline BooksJews in the Hellenistic World – This (lowercase (translateProductType product.productType)) has been cited by the following publications. This list is generated based on data provided by CrossRef. Marciak, Michał 2018. Idumea and.

When, however, barbarian tribes besieged the empire, the Roman Senate’s refusal to consult the Sibylline oracles and divination entrails dismayed pious Aurelianus. Alarmed, he blamed both this.

Mark Forman explores the extent to which Paul’s concept of ‘inheritance’ in Romans, and its associated imagery, logic and arguments, served to evoke socio-political expectations that were different to.

Q. Fabius Pictor was sent to the oracle at Delphi to ascertain by what prayers and supplications the Romans might placate the gods, and what end would there be to such calamities. Meanwhile, from the.

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So, too, the apocalyptic Sibylline Oracles includes among the wicked two groups: women who “produce abortions and unlawfully cast their offspring away” and sorcerers who dispense abortifacients. The.

Using the Greek word for fish, Ichthys, the compilers of a collection of religious teachings called the Sibylline Oracles created an acrostic: Iesous Christos theou huios soter, or "Jesus Christ Son.

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Dissertation topic: Les Oracles sibyllins. Origines païennes et appropriations chrétiennes (Livres 6 ;7 ;8, 217-428), under the supervision of Alain Le Boulluec, École pratique des hautes études,