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The mostly Somali refugees sell pots and pans and make colorful headscarves on manual sewing machines. In one store.

which would be their new home. "I felt like I could wear a cowboy hat," Nur said.

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The Somali refugees sell pots and pans and make colorful headscarves on manual sewing machines. (SOUNDBITE SEWING MACHINE RUNNING.

which would be their new home. NUR: (Through interpreter) I felt.

Project Declutter Part II: Overwhelming Workspaces – Pam repositioned her scrapbooking supplies so that her most frequently used items (tools like scissors and her sewing machine, which she uses to stitch.

Linda is struggling to organize her new home.

Then, in 2016, the family made Chicago its new home. Despite the trauma of war and grief.

But she knew how to sew. She.

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Beginners appreciate the Janome 2212 more for its manual fly wheel handling. Those who want to try embroidery can choose from.

There are cabinet sewing machines, dressers, hall trees.

when a family could be moved into a new home faster and cheaper, Frohlich said. He said the house’s demolition cost likely will be $20,000.