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How is Brain Dump Made?King Of The Hill In Eye-Popping 3D – Months ago, YouTube user hotdiggedydemon decided to teach himself Maya 3D. His first project? Recreating the intro to the Mike Judge sitcom King of the Hill. Between this and the Beavis and Butt-head.

A Cuphead fan has made his own cartoon – Now, an animator who goes by the name hotdiggedydemon, has created a short Cuphead cartoon. Cuppy and Muggy doesn’t really share the same visual aesthetic as the game; rather than a grainy Max.

So basically, a cartoon based off of a game based off of cartoons. We can dig it. The cartoon-ception comes from popular YouTuber ‘hotdiggedydemon’ where Cuphead "learns the hard way that sometimes ya.

Cuphead, a video game that looks like a cartoon, now has a cartoon based on the video game, courtesy of fan and animator hotdiggedydemon. It’s more Ren & Stimpy than Max Fleischer, I know, but I guess.