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Now, let’s be very clear on something: if you thought owning a physical copy of Earthbound was problematic, then you’ve never tried acquiring this guide in physical form. Like many player guides at.

While we haven’t gotten a new one in a VERY long time, Nintendo seems well aware of the love for Earthbound and has released the official Player’s Guide as a PDF. What makes that so special? This wasn.

Here’s the story behind this cool collectible: When EarthBound came West in 1995, it carried a higher price tag than most other games on the console. For $70, buyers received not just the cartridge,

For its first post, Nintendo posted a link to a digitized version of the EarthBound Player’s Guide strategy book that first debuted alongside the Super Nintendo game in 1995. The book is available.

It carried a $70 price tag thanks to Nintendo’s decision to include a large-format strategy guide with the game in order to help players navigate its wacky, unpredictable storyline. All told, Nintendo.

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Unboxing: Earthbound (Super Nintendo, 1995)SNES Classic: Unlock 2-Player In Earthbound & Yoshi’s Island | Secrets Guide – Yes, you can play with both controllers in Yoshi’s Island and Earthbound, pushing the number of two-player games on the SNES Classic to eleven — about half the games on the system. These are “secret”.

"The EarthBound Handbook is a spiritual successor to both the Mother 3 Handbook and the EarthBound Player’s Guide," added designer Audrey Waner. "We’re taking inspiration from a huge variety of.

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