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HYDERABAD: A 35-year-old person suffered serious injuries after a speeding car, which he was driving went berserk and rammed.

A thug ‘went berserk in a city centre restaurant, battering fellow customers with a heavy gold chain and threatening to shoot them’, an eyewitness claims. The terrifying incident is said to have.

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There appears to be no limit for private bus operators as they continue to run berserk charging excess fares.


How to Download and Install Berserk And The Band Of The HawkDo You Want to Have a New Year Date With Sunny Leone? – Later, her fans went berserk on this update and started asking who Mr V is and some fans claimed.

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Today Koei Tecmo released the first direct feed screenshots and a trailer of the upcoming Berserk (named Berserk Musou in Japan.

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You’re so used to buying constantly that your internal controls go berserk and your credit card balance balloons.