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Terence McKenna, the most original spokesperson for the psychedelic.

A splendidly eloquent polymath, McKenna is at his best when extemporising: the interview and lecture formats suit him well.

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In a 1998 workshop titled "In The Valley of Novelty," Terence McKenna.

McKenna, from 1971 until the end of his life in 2000, outlined and shared a billion years of the mushroom’s possible history.

Terence McKenna Best TalksDMT: You Cannot Imagine a Stranger Drug or a Stranger Experience – Terence McKenna (who, "more than anyone," Strassman wrote in 2000, "has raised awareness of DMT, through lectures, books, interviews, and recordings, to its present unprecedented level") called DMT.

“Terence McKenna Big Bird,” that combined audio from McKenna’s lectures with clips of an Icelandic version of Sesame Street, the children’s show that premiered in America in 1969. I found the video.

Terence McKenna’s lectures—which ranged in length from ~40 minutes to more than two hours, and, he said, were not planned in advance except for the main topic, or a list of topics—had two recurring.